A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Luke Corbin for his “Myanmar Musings” podcast. We talked about some of my recent work on the history of animals, particularly elephants and cattle. Luke is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University researching the history and anthropology of beer in Myanmar. During his trip to the UK, he completed some research down in the India Office Records, held in the British Library, where he found an old request slip of mine in a nineteenth-century report on the Rangoon Lunatic Asylum. This was before I had ever even visited the country. My doctoral project was still about colonial psychiatry. It was a topic that was just about to be completely abandoned for a study of corruption because of what I found in the National Archives of Myanmar. Back then I would certainly have had no inkling that I would be researching the history of animals… Anyhow, here is the podcast, hope it’s interesting! And I strongly recommend the others that Luke has recorded with brilliant colleagues on a range of subjects including Islam, food, press freedom, the law, and many more.

**Military Coup**

Please consider supporting the people of Myanmar in their struggle for democracy by donating to one or more of the following organizations.

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  1. patsy evans says:

    Hello Jonathan
    My father was a last ditcher in Rangoon 1942 – he was to blow up the sawmills and flour mills – he told
    Us in detail of the day they opened the gates of the asylum and the distaster that ensured.
    Patsy Evans
    I am currently writing a book of my parents life in Burma – their trek out 1000 miles to India – then coming to
    Australia 4 days before Independence. I have included the Asylum debacle

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